More than 10,000 Dynacraft Scooters Sold at Walmart, Toys R Us Recalled due to Injury Risks

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Dynacraft BSC Inc. of California has recalled more than 10,000 motor scooters sold at Walmart and Toys R Us stores nationwide due to a sudden acceleration risk that can result in injuries.

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The Dynacraft recall affects two styles of motor scooters, both of which can accelerate unexpectedly during use, causing the rider to lose control and be ejected. There have been at least nine reports of acceleration incidents and a number of injuries associated with the scooters, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

About 5,500 Dynacraft Monster High City Scooters sold exclusively at Walmart are included in the recall. These battery-operated motor scooters are purple and black, and bear the model number 8801-14; serial numbers begin with the letters QYCEI followed by six-digit numbers ranging from 003125 through 014456.

These scooters were sold at Walmart stores and on the Walmart website between November 2012 and January 2013 for about $249. For additional information, please see the CPSC Dynacraft Monster High City Scooter recall page.

Also being recalled are about 5,200 Dynacraft Hello Kitty City Scooters sold exclusively at Toys R Us. These pink and black scooters feature the model number 8801-03 with serial numbers beginning QYCEI followed by six-digit numbers ranging from 000001 through 014456.

The Hello Kitty scooters were sold at Toys R Us stores and online from October 2012 through January 2013 for about $279. For more information, please see the CPSC Dynacraft Hello Kitty City Scooter recall page.

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