Mobile Device Public Safety Announcement

Auto Accident
Distracted Driving

By Zac Pingle, Staff Writer

It’s strange to imagine that the devices (and we call them devices because “phone” just doesn’t fit anymore) that we all have with us is a result of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention nearly 150 years ago. Soon phones no longer required wires, or dials, or even words. It seems that all we need is simply a button-click away. So then what impact must these wonderful devices have on our lives?

Well Honestly, They’re Very Distracting.

Ever since cell phones were connected to the Internet, the capabilities of mobile devices has seemed limitless. After all, Al Gore himself has referred to the Internet as “an information superhighway.” Since then, we have become obsessed with a world of connection, engagement, research, online news and learning, to say nothing of videos of cats at our fingertips. But becoming engulfed in a digital world does have its drawbacks.

When cell phones became available, people inevitably started talking while driving. Then, texting became a sensation and every once in awhile there would be a hilarious video on the news of a teenager walking into a glass door while texting. Even now, with the Pokemon Go app, it is likely that you have heard about someone that jumped into a lake screaming “I’ve got to catch them all!” While these stories may be amusing, they highlight a serious problem of people risking their own safety (not to mention the safety of others) by not “unplugging” from their devices (just like in this news article). After a bad accident, the situation becomes less amusing and becomes quite serious.

Distraction and carelessness are the leading contributors to accidental death and injury. Taking the time to stop and make sure that nothing is going to hurt you while you take a picture, send a text, or check facebook could prevent an injury or even save your life.

The point to take away from this article is that while there are many great benefits that mobile devices provide, none of them are worth your personal safety or dignity. These days you can do anything with the touch of a button, but that’s also exactly how long it takes to have an accident.

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