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When an individual is injured by the negligence of the other, or if a loved one dies unexpectedly, personal and family circumstances can change forever. The turmoil can also hamper a family’s decision-making abilities leaving you with the most viable option of seeking advice from a legal counsel to help you make the right choices. Plaintiff attorneys enter the picture as the legal representatives of those seeking physical or financial compensation. They become the torchbearers who take head-on battles with big companies and even governmental organizations.

More personal injury lawyers are taking on mass tort cases. This may primarily be attributed to the economic viability, the size, and magnitude of mass tort, pressurizing the defendants into early settlements and at times joining hands with other law firms to create a pool of funds, thrusting the litigation ahead.

With statistics indicating that each year millions are affected by a tort and take legal recourse, attorneys are taking the plunge.

Mass Tort Advertising

Law firms specializing in mass torts sniff from a distance the making of a ‘mass tort’ the moment many complaints start arising against a single defendant. From a business perspective, TV ads and defective drug and medical device websites are created for law firms to influence and transform potential victims to company clients.

The contingency fee condition smartly woven into the commercial is another factor that attracts those who are economically challenged but wish to punish the wrongdoers or recover compensation for their injuries. Impressed and informed, thousands of victims take the initiative to contact law firms and file lawsuits.

The Collateral Social Reform

Although designed to generate leads for the law firms, these commercials also bring about a social awakening: updating, advising, informing and spreading awareness about issues, spurring a national consciousness. Due to the massive awareness, adverse events reports are also filed with the regulatory bodies like the FDA.

Formation of the Opioid MDL is a classic example to quote: the awareness generated by mass tort campaigns highlighting the shocking number of people affected nationwide by this group of silent killers gained tremendous momentum. The opioid crisis was soon labeled a “National Epidemic”, resulting in individual, county, district, city, state, and a national litigation. Formation of MDL 2804: National Prescription Opiate Litigation in the US District Court Northern District of Ohio, before Judge Daniel Polster is proof enough.

In the Opioid litigation, pharmacies across the states came under the radar as they were identified as the primary source of purchasing the drugs. It was realized that this group of drugs could be easily bought at certain pharmacies in bulk, leaving a huge opportunity for addiction.

This fact caught the attention of not just the potential consumers but also many healthcare providers, Department of Public Health, Consumer Protection Division, States, Counties, and the FDA. In fact, the formation of the Interagency Group on Illegal Prescribing was announced by the 2016 Attorney General, Maura Healey, as a coalition of State and Federal agencies to investigate and prosecute prescribers, pharmacists, and others who contributed to the opioid epidemic by illegally prescribing or dispensing pills. Efforts were made to change the way opioids were prescribed along with Centers for Disease Control to create a single, nationwide, and evidence-based standard. Guidelines were chartered by CDC that made it clear that addictive opioids should not be the initial treatment for chronic pain and should only be used where their benefits outweigh the risks.

The Grill

The dynamics of handling a mass tort vary considerably as compared to other lawsuit types. The chances of huge settlements come with the price of putting in many hours of preparation, reference work, the filing of Court papers, long working hours, extended discovery stage, the trial itself followed by appeals, if required, and much more.

Conferences and seminars are held regularly that are sponsored by some of the leading law firms of the country to bring together renowned speakers, trial attorneys and mass tort young lawyers under one roof. These events cover mass tort topics extensively. Increased participation signifies these as key gathering points as virtually lawyers from the leading law firms of the country attend this event.

The glory in providing something at a social platform is something mass tort lawyers should take pride in.

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