Maryland Bus Driver Caught Reading while Driving


Passengers on a public bus in Maryland were horrified to witness a bus driver reading a book while driving the bus. Although no one said anything to the bus driver at the time, one unnamed passenger took pictures of the bus driver driving and reading simultaneously.

According to the report given to local news agencies, the bus driver was reading a book even while picking up passengers. While in motion, the bus would drift into other lanes while the driver was reading, the driver would then correct this and guide the bus back into the right lane.

Passengers on the bus, as well as other people who heard of the incident are outraged because it is one more example of public transportation workers failing to provide their passengers with the duty required of them.

This is an excellent example of a bus driver demonstrating extreme negligence when they are supposed to be taking the lives of their passengers and other motorists into consideration. If a bus accident had happened, a bus accident attorney could help victims recover compensation from the bus driver or the city that employed him or her.

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