Lindsay Lohan Suit Instructive


In October 2005, Lindsay Lohan was driving her Mercedes and struck Raymundo Ortega’s van. The California Highway Patrol blamed Ortega, a busboy, for putting his van in the way of Lohan’s flight from paparazzi by making an illegal u-turn. Although Lohan’s attorneys sought to have the suit dismissed, claiming it lacked legal sufficiency, Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern rejected the motion and set a trial date.

The suit teaches us that if we’re involved in an accident, we can seek damages even if the police determine we are at fault. The suit also shows that we’re all entitled to our day in court, whether we are busboys or celebrities. As Ortega’s attorney said, “The case is about responsibility and she’s not taking responsibility.” If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, and the other party isn’t taking responsibility, a personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation.