Key Points Passengers Need to Know About Cruise Ship Calamities

Personal Injury

This year, 13 million North Americans will take a vacation on a cruise. A lot of things can go wrong on a cruise ship, ranging from excursion accidents, sexual assault and medical malpractice.

In today’s video we’re talking about passenger rights on cruise ships. Editor in Chief Larry Bodine interviews maritime and trial lawyer Jack Hickey of Miami, Florida, who represents passengers nationwide on cruise ships.

He says the sinking of the Costa Condordia in 2012 could happen again, when 32 people died on that vacation cruise. So many people perished because the ship filled with water and because evacuation procedures were not followed.

One key point to know for passengers who have been hurt on a cruise or on an excursion – you must bring claims in the place specified by your ticket. For major cruise ships, that’s Miami, Florida – no matter where the ship left from or went to. To file suit against Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian cruise lines, the case must be filed in Miami.

A second key point to know is that under maritime law, a claim must be filed within one year. This means consumers need to call an attorney promptly after an incident.

Accidents on excursions

Many accidents occur on excursions off of cruise ships – particularly in the transportation of passers. Excursions often take place in third world countries and the transportation is not up to US standards. Accidents do happen – whether it’s a zip line that actually breaks or a bus that goes off the side a of a mountain and rolls.

Sexual assault on cruise ships is a growing problem. Attorney Hickey has found that cruise links want to sweep these cases under the rug, they don’t treat victims with respect, they do not have procedures in place to deal with them, and frighteningly, they don’t have procedures to prevent them.

Passengers can find out more about the law of cruise lines at Jack Hickey spent the first 17 years of his career defending cruise lines, and for the last 17 years he has represented passengers and crew members in claims against the cruise lines. He can be reached 800-215-7117 to discuss whether you have a claim, to answer questions for free and to consider representing you on a contingency basis.

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