Johnson & Johnson to Halt Sales of All-Metal Hip Implants

Defective Medical Devices

Johnson & Johnson’s orthopedic division announced on Thursday that it is phasing out the production of all-metal hip implants. The move reflects an industry-wide trend to discontinue metal-on-metal hip implants, which have demonstrated high early failure rates and are the focus of tens of thousands of lawsuits related to possible injuries stemming from these defective medical devices.

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In 2010, De Puy Orthopaedics—a unit of Johnson & Johnson—recalled its all-metal ASR hip implants after numerous reports of early failure. However, it continued to sell the Pinnacle, another metal-on-metal hip implant, and claim it was safe and effective.

Reports of early failure and painful complications associated with the Pinnacle also arose, and Johnson & Johnson currently faces more than 3,300 cases related to the Pinnacle, in addition to more than 10,000 cases regarding ASR hip implants. For more information on these hip replacements, please see our Johnson & Johnson hip implant recall page.

Johnson & Johnson, via De Puy, is not the only metal hip replacement manufacturer to face recalls and legal action over defective all-metal hip implants. For information on other faulty hip replacement systems, please see our Stryker hip implant recall page.

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