Insurance Company Holds the Law of the Land in Contempt


Allstate Insurance Company has been ordered to produce key records in a case pending in Missouri, the so-called McKinsey documents. In fact, it has been fined $25,000 dollars a day until it produces the documents. These are the same documents at issue in a bad-faith insurance case. According to plaintiffs’ lawyers in bad-faith insurance suits against Allstate, mostly revolving around auto accidents or truck accidents, the documents detail the company’s attempts to raise profits over $700 million annually by habitually denying valid claims and making motorists and other insured persons fight for their awards. Allstate, however, claims that the excerpts of the documents seen have been taken out of context and that an analysis of the full policies will reveal there is nothing morally wrong about the company’s policies at all.

What the company will not say is how anyone is supposed to make a judgment about the McKinsey documents when Allstate refuses to produce them? Allstate’s rationale for not producing the documents is that they contain “trade secrets.” Now, Allstate is refusing not only to produce the documents, but to pay the fine as well, expressing complete contempt for the power of Missouri courts to compel them, another expression of the need for federal regulation of the insurance company.

Insurance companies sell you an image of assistance when you are in trouble, an image of a safe place from the storms of fate battering you. But when you come to them with a legitimate claim, you realize just how false that image is. That is the heart of bad faith insurance practices: selling you a lie that you are supposed to hang your life on.

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