Injured Part-Time Firefighter Files Suit over Deadly Pizza Explosion


A part-time firefighter injured in a January 30th explosion at a Little General Store/ Godfather’s Pizza has filed a $20 million-dollar suit against the store owner and seven other defendants, some of whom are unnamed. The explosion, which occurred at around 11 am in the town of Ghent, West Virginia, killed four people and injured five, including the firefighter, who has filed the fourth lawsuit related to the explosion.

The lawsuit claims that the store and Godfather’s pizza were negligent for not providing a safe workplace and for not properly maintaining the propane tank. The lawsuit also accuses propane suppliers of being careless when transferring propane from one tank to another, and for inadequately training their employees.

In his suit, the firefighter claims he suffered severe and disabling injuries, with medical bills already exceeding $300,000, along with severe physical and emotional pain and suffering.

The defendants in the case are the store and pizza chains, BP America, Appalachian Heating, Thompson Gas Propane Partners, and Ferrell gas, along with unnamed landowners and distributors of propane and manufacturers of allegedly defective propane equipment.

None of the defendants have yet commented on the case.

This case shows how small negligences can combine to create a fireball of damages, and in a case such as this it is important that all parties be brought to bear their share of responsibility. In order to bring all these parties to light, it is necessary to employ a skilled injury attorney. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury but cannot put your finger on one or all of the responsible parties, contact today to get in touch with a skilled lawyer who can help you discover the nuances of the case.