Industry Seeks Regulation to Protect Itself


In a recent and unexpected trend, many industries that have been vehemently fighting regulation for decades have suddenly turned around, seeking to protect themselves from lawsuits by getting cover from governmental laws and guidelines.

The movement seems to stem from two influences. First, corporations are seeking to protect themselves from product liability suits that can lead to huge punitive judgments against them. Second, they want to stop the flow of imported products that do not follow voluntary industry guidelines. These imported products appear equal to consumers, since they have no warning labels and the domestic products have no governmental stamp declaring their high standards of production, but are much cheaper.

The movement crosses over many different industries and intersects with many areas of law. For example, we see pushes coming from industry advocates such as the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States, which seeks to limit workplace exposure to diacetyl, an artificial flavor commonly used in microwave popcorn that has already caused lung damage and even death for hundreds of workers. Meanwhile, the United Fresh Produce Association and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are both seeking new farming rules to fight E. coli outbreaks caused by contaminated produce. The Specialty Vehicle Institute of America is pushing for standards for braking and suspension systems on ATVs, and, most recently in the news, the Toy Industry Association, is seeking pre-market testing to detect hazards like lead paint and choking parts in toys before they go to market.

One of the main goals in industry seeking regulation is the passage of laws with a pre-emption clause that will bar consumers from filing liability claims in court and supersede any tougher state regulations.

This means that the time to seek compensation for your personal injuries related to defective products is now, before these regulations are in place. Contact Personal today to find an experienced product liability lawyer near you.