Indiana Boy Electrocuted on Thanksgiving


A five-year-old boy crawled into an electrical transformer sitting between two apartment complexes and was electrocuted on Thanksgiving in Mishawaka, Indiana. Police say it’s obvious that the boy touched something that was charged, but it isn’t clear on how he got inside the transformer.

Family members and residents of the apartment complex also wonder how the boy crawled into the transformer since it is supposed to be locked. Firefighters say the box was unlocked and police are still investigating.

Power went out at the apartment complexes around 5:10 for a short period of time. It was then shut off to the entire grid as police investigated the incident.

Because of the nature of electricity, injuries can run the gamut. There are those who may be only slightly shocked and walk away with a slight tingle in the place they came in contact with the electricity, or the victim can be killed. Injuries may be physical and cause burns, they may be neurological in nature, or cause the heart to fibrillate. It is estimated that around 500 people a year are killed in electric shock accidents.

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