How to Obtain an Auto Accident Report in Minnesota


Every individual is expected to drive responsibly, but still, thousands of car wrecks are reported each day. Your car wreck injuries could be due to the recklessness of one of the drivers, a vehicle defect or a defective road condition.

According to Minnesota law, an auto accident report is submitted either by the police or by the other party that is involved in accident. If you want your insurance company or that of the other driver to cover the damage, you will need the report. The Minnesota State department has an entire procedure through which you can obtain an auto accident report. Car accidents are never clear cut; there are always claims involved that are be proven either right or wrong. Here you can learn more how to obtain auto accident report in Minnesota.

Obtain Auto Accidental Report in Minnesota

The Minnesota State department keeps records of all the accidents that take place in the state, and you can get in touch with them to get the report. If you need to make a claim or you want to take the other person to court, this report will be an essential starting point.

Who can Obtain the Accidental Report?

Anyone who is involved in the accident has the right to access the report. The report can be obtained in a period of 36 months after the accident. Any state body can also access the report whenever needed. When it comes to the insurance company, representatives from the company including lawyers and other authorized persons are allowed to access this information.

How to Obtain the Accidental Report:

You must follow a specific legal procedure if you want to obtain the report. You will have to make a small payment and also fill in a form that will have the information regarding the accident including date, time, car details, etc. In case you are unable to access the form due to a technical issue, you can always write a written request and send it to the relevant authority. The written request will include the following information; name, date and time of accident, location of the accident, driver’s license number, etc.

If you think you don’t have the time to follow up on a case or you think you don’t have the expertise to do it, you can always look for a good law firm to do that on your behalf. It is not necessary that you will always need a lawyer in case of a road accident, but things can turn ugly really quickly. If you think that the other party is claiming more or in throwing you under the bus you must consider hiring a firm to represent you in front of the law. Without a lawyer, it can get very difficult to defend yourself since you really don’t know the ins and outs of the state law.

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