How Long Does It Take For Personal Injury Victims To Get Paid After A Settlement?

Personal Injury

By Greg Kaminsky, Staff Writer

One thing that each personal injury victim wants to know after their case is settled, is when will he or she receive the settlement money. 

Most of the time, you will receive your check within the first month after the settlement.  However, sometimes there are a few complications that can hold up the process.  If your bills have been paid by their insurance company or someone else, your attorney may need some additional time to determine how much money is owed to all of the involved parties.  

If there are medical bills that haven’t yet been paid, those are typically taken out of the settlement sum, which may also cause some delays.

Your personal injury lawyer should be able to provide an estimate of how long the process will take and should let you know if there are delays making the timeframe longer than expected.  Keep in mind that your lawyer is incentivized to get you paid as quickly as possible since he is paid on a contingent fee basis and won’t get paid until you do. 

If you have specific questions about when you should expect to receive your settlement money, speak with your personal injury lawyer or call one of the lawyers in our attorney directory.

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