How to Avoid Accident Caused by Dangerous and Unexpected Lane Changes

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Ever seen or been in an accident caused by someone changing lanes carelessly? Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence. It can sometimes feel like there’s not much you can do when someone changes lanes unexpectedly, however, there are a few ways in which you can take precautions to avoid a crash.


How can I drive to avoid crashing into someone moving into my lane unexpectedly?


The first thing you should do is choose a safe following distance. Rain and snow can affect the stopping distance, however there are some general rules you can follow to create a safe space in which to stop: for speeds of up to 35 and 55 mph you should give yourself three seconds, for speeds between 55 and 75 mph (or bad weather) four seconds and for snow and ice on roads seven to eight seconds.


It can also help to prepare yourself for a lane change where they more commonly occur (particularly if there are junctions or turn-offs coming up) and knowing what’s happening in front and behind you in this situation will help you react well when something happens without warning.


Don’t allow yourself to be tailgated and stay at a similar speed to the cars around you. Be aware that there are blind spots in both other driver and your vision and take extra care around trucks, vans and large SUVs.


Be Aware of Your Own Driving


Driving defensively is an excellent way to avoid an accident, however it’s also important to make good lane change maneuvers yourself and to check both rear and side mirrors as well as indicating in good time before you change lane.


Thankfully, putting all of these things into action can help you create a safer driving environment for yourself and other drivers. Being aware of what’s going on around you, taking weather and other driving conditions into consideration and foreseeing potential lane change situations will give you extra control and ensure that when an unexpected and careless lane change happens, you know how to deal with it.


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