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Submitted by San Antonio Attorney Ronald A. Ramos

Of all the potential injuries that can occur after an auto accident, head injuries are some of the most serious. This type of injury can occur at both low and high speeds. While significant injuries can occur if the head strikes an object in the car, it’s also possible for a serious brain injury to occur without any direct impact.

Hematoma, skull fractures, and brain concussions are just a few examples of head injuries that can occur during an accident. If any type of head injury is sustained, it will require immediate medical care. For most moderate to severe head injuries, some form of ongoing medical attention will likely be required for at least a period of time.

Unfortunately, this type of injury can result in death. If you lost a loved one in a car accident due to a head injury, you should speak with a wrongful death attorney to learn what options are available in regards to legal action.

The Basics of Dealing with an Insurance Company

When someone sustains a head injury during a car accident, they’re left in the position of trying to recover from this trauma while also trying to deal with other factors like mounting medical bills. Although financial compensation may be available in the form of an insurance claim, settlement, or verdict, these remedies are rarely easy to attain.

As soon as someone begins exploring potential forms of compensation, they will quickly discover that insurance companies work hard to minimize the amounts they pay out. That’s why it’s generally not a good idea for individuals to represent themselves. Without proper legal representation, it’s highly likely that a head injury victim will end up settling for significantly less than they’re entitled to receive. There’s also the possibility that a victim will be unable to secure any type of compensation for themselves.

How a Lawyer Can Help Build a Claim

Head trauma caused by a auto accidents can take the form of a closed or open head injury. The main difference between these two categories is closed head injuries happen inside the skull, while an open head injury occurs when a head wound is open or something penetrates the skull. Because the symptoms of closed head injuries can be more subtle than open head injuries, it’s crucial for anyone involved in a car accident to visit a doctor.

Promptly seeing a doctor will ensure that a closed head injury doesn’t go untreated. It will also provide documentation of the injury and its direct link to the accident. That type of documentation is exactly what can help a car accident lawyer build the strongest claim possible. Other forms of evidence like photographs, witness statements and the police report are likely to be used.

If you were involved in a car accident and sustained a head injury, you need the right legal representation. Contact a local personal injury attorney for a free consultation and answers to your legal questions.

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