Financial Losses After an Injury

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financial losses after injury
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Monetary Losses after an Accidental Injury:

One of the most significant areas of your life that will be affected by your recent personal injury is your ability to provide financial support for your family. Before you were injured, you may have been able to provide for all your family’s financial needs through full-time employment. But now, you haven’t been back to work for weeks on end, and this causes you much concern; bills don’t stop accumulating just because you are not working.

Perhaps you are like many injury victims who don’t have significant savings to meet their day-to-day living expenses now, much less those bills that are coming due in the future. Many injury victims become depressed and discouraged because they cannot provide the same financial support for their family as they could previously. Perhaps you are feeling like that, too, and you fear that you won’t be able to return to the employment you held previous to becoming injured.

Many catastrophically and seriously injured people can’t return to the same kind of employment they had previously; they have to change jobs, and even occupations, in order to return to any gainful employment. As a result, you now face, perhaps for the first time in your adult life, real uncertainty about your future employment and financial condition.

The Effect of Financial Losses on the Family

Perhaps you are reading this article because your close family member is the person who has been seriously injured. If your injured family member is unable to make important decisions relating to their medical care and legal needs, your help and support is vital at this time. Whether you are the spouse, parent, or sibling of the injured family member, your decisions on behalf of your injured family member will involve all of your family, in one way or other, so mature consideration will need to be given to how each family member will be affected by this traumatic loss.

Some close family members, especially the spouse, may have to adjust their sleep and work schedules to accommodate the care needs of their injured family member. Although you would never complain to your injured loved one about how much their injury has affected you, there are nonetheless a lot of challenges and disappointments you now silently face.

So the decisions you make regarding your injured family member are vitally important, and they will affect many people’s lives for a long time.

Practical Legal Advice is Available to You

Right now you need practical legal advice on how to address your most pressing concerns: how you are going to be able to meet your present medical and financial obligations; and how you are going to build a financial future for yourself and your family. Having the right information about your legal rights is part of your first step in recovering from your traumatic injuries and building a hopeful future.

If you are now in the midst of a severe financial strain as a result of an injury caused by an accident, the wisest course of action for you would be to contact an experienced, National Board Certified, Super Lawyer rated attorney in your home state and schedule a free, no-obligation case review.

You Can Afford the Best Lawyer for Your Case

Beware of those attorneys offering cut-rate contingency fee percentage rates.  You will find that attorney is usually inexperienced and in the end you could end up with less in the end than a seasoned personal injury lawyer with a proven track record could have obtained for you.

Most top rated attorneys will take on a qualified personal injury case on a contingency fee basis, meaning, that attorney is not paid until you receive money from a settlement or trial.  So, you can afford the best because you will not have to pay anything unless you receive money for your injury claim.

This article has been submitted by Jeffrey Robinette, Morgantown, West Virginia Car Accident Lawyer.  His personal injury attorney profile can be viewed here.


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