Fatal St. George, Arizona SUV Accident Caused By Tire Blowout


In a horrific SUV rollover accident, six passengers were ejected from a Ford Expedition after a tire blew out during their road trip. When the tire blew out, the driver of the vehicle hit the brakes, causing the SUV to fishtail and finally rollover onto the median. One man was killed and other passengers suffered injuries ranging from broken bones to lacerations.

The man who died at the scene was killed after he was ejected from the vehicle. In addition to him, five other people were thrown from the SUV when it rolled over. The family was driving with 11 people inside, only the driver and front seat passenger was wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

Authorities say that among the 11 occupants, five were children between the ages of four to ten-years-old. The Ford Expedition the family was driving in is only equipped to sit eight people, so three of the children were simply sitting on parents lap when the tire of the SUV blew out.

The officers at the scene of the tire blowout accident wanted to let people know that tire blowout is only a cause of accidents, and that often times SUV rollover accidents like this can be avoided. If you are involved in a tire blowout, it is best to ease off the gas evenly and move to the side of the road using the brakes sparingly.

If you or a loved one is involved in a SUV rollover accident after a tire blowout, the accident may have been cause by a tire-manufacturing defect.

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