Families Sue over Navy Trainees Killed in Crash with Civilian Pilot


The families of three Navy crewmen killed in an airplane crash have filed a wrongful death suit against the civilian contractor who hired the pilot. The crash occurred on January 10, 2006, in the mountains of northern Georgia. The contractor is L-3 Communications Corporation, and its subsidiaries L-3 Communications Vertex and L-3 Communications Integrated Systems are also named as defendants.

A Navy investigation conducted after the accident revealed that both wings of the plane had struck ridgeline trees, severing part of the left wing to break off. Then the plane crashed into the side of a mountain. At this time, pilot error seems to be the most likely cause of the accident, as there was fair weather on the day of the crash. The attorney representing the families of the deceased, also a former navy pilot, says the case is straightforward, and blames pilot error, saying, “The pilot failed to maintain sufficient altitude and came into contact with the terrain.

This case highlights the use of civilian contractors in support roles–from cooks to pilots to security–that were traditionally performed by soldiers. This practice has led to much criticism of the military. The civilian contractors are expensive, making the current military conflicts the most expensive ever fought, despite the record-low number of troops involved, and there are questions about their effectiveness.

Airplanes are safer than ever, and with advances in technology and routine maintenance, there is no reason why a plane should ever go down in fair weather. If you have lost someone you love in an airplane crash, contact PersonalInjury.com today to get in touch with a local lawyer who can make those responsible pay for their negligence.