Failure to Use Caution in Areas in School Zones Causes Pedestrian Accidents


Drivers are required to observe special rules and be extra cautious when driving in areas where children are known to be present. These areas include school zones as well as children’s parks. Similar rules also apply when you are following or approaching a school bus.

Some special laws for kids’ safety

The specific rules that apply to drivers in school zones and near children’s parks include:

  1. Requirement to stop for school buses – most states require that motorists stop when school buses have stopped to pick up or drop off students. School buses flash red lights and raise stop signs that are indications that other vehicles should stop.
  2. Pay special attention near crosswalks – drivers are required to drive cautiously when in areas where children are present. They are required to come to a full stop at red lights or stop signs. They are also required to ensure that the path is clear before proceeding through a crosswalk.
  3. Slowdown in school zone – drivers are required to drive below the speed limit in school zones. Most states have a special speed limit for school zones. Drivers should never text or use their mobile devices while driving, but the rule against distracted driving is even more important while in school zones.

Why kids are prone to pedestrian accidents

Speed limits and other special laws in school zones are designed to keep children safe. This is because children are more likely to be injured or killed in pedestrian accidents.

Children are more likely to be pedestrian accident victims for the following reasons:

  1. They are more likely to act impulsively. They are more likely to run across a street without checking to see if the road is clear.
  2. Their smaller size makes them more difficult to see. For that reason, drivers are required to be extra vigilant and be on the lookout for children when children are present.
  3. Children don’t always make good decisions about their personal safety as adults are expected to do. They are likely to react to danger in a different way than adults would. Accordingly, they may not act in a way to preserve their lives or protect themselves from injury when presented with danger.

School zone accidents

Accidents in school zones often result in serious injuries. If your child has been injured, you can sue the negligent driver for compensation. Get in touch with a personal injury attorney to file your claim.

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