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Today, we live in a world that is determined by our ability to choose. With the advent of 21st century there is a strong sense of purpose that cuts across all gender, class, race, and ethnicity. There is an increase in human population world over by multitudes; there is now a growing urgency amongst the rest of the world to emulate and seek better standards and quality of life like developed nations. As per the latest birth control facts, the use of contraception is now growing due to an urgent and strong need to control the number of unintended pregnancies. Some contraceptive methods also safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases, which is another reason for their widespread usage.

A Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey as per CDC in 2002 showed that most commonly used contraception was pills, followed by tubal ligation and condoms. It was also found that females covered with insurance and within the age group 35-44 years were more inclined towards permanent birth control. The use of implants then did not exceed 2%, and IUD usage was 6% maximum.

Essure contraceptive implant was introduced in the new millennium, when the acceptance and awareness for long-acting reversible contraceptives were just growing as compared to traditional oral contraceptive pills. Conceptus generated nearly 500 million impressions for Essure via digital, magazines and PR efforts.  Year over year, website traffic increased. Average Essure device placement cost in office was $1,925 versus average tubal ligation cost: $3,664. The Essure procedure claims to be 99.3% effective at preventing pregnancy in patients who were told to rely on Essure sterilization. All this made Essure the contraception of attraction.

Essure device was accepted so much that 497,306 Essure kits were sold through commercial launch from 2001 till 2010. FDA approved Essure based on the fact that no pregnancies were observed in the two studies that were undertaken. However, FDA put forth one condition: for approval, post-marketing studies had to be conducted. FDA issued Essure Black box warnings in 2016 that ‘patient decision checklist’ should be added to the product label.

The contraceptive market was shaken when Essure procedure complications were reported, to the extent that Essure removal hysterectomy was the only alternative left. Essure tubal implants caused major side-effects creating regret and repent amongst consumers. Essure risks have outweighed the Essure benefits, triggering a huge number of Essure lawsuits. Women victims have been subjected to multiple surgeries, severe pain and emotional anguish. 

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