E-Cigarettes and Vape Lawsuits


We all know people who have struggled to quit smoking? It may be for health reasons, aesthetic reasons or other personal reasons, but saying goodbye to your much loved cigarettes is not easy. Most people fail multiple times before they are able to kick the habit. Recently, with the advent of vaping some people have switched to e-cigarettes on the theory that it is ‘healthier’ than smoking tobacco.

E-cigarettes have been touted as the ‘healthier’ alternative to the conventional tobacco-filled cigarettes. However, recent studies as well as news of explosions have proven otherwise. Vaping delivers nicotine more efficiently.  The flavored versions are appealing to teens which may result in getting them hooked at an early age. E-cigarettes are proving to be even more dangerous than earlier believed. And there are now multiple reported incidents of e-cigarette explosions causing serious injury.  

Popularity of Vaping

From actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio to the teens in high school, it seems like everybody is vaping. It has become the latest craze. Who said you had to give up your cigarettes cold turkey? Vaping allows you to still get your nicotine kick and you can even vape indoors unlike with a traditional cigarette which would set off the smoke alarms.

Manufacturers of the e-cigarettes have produced them in varying designs to suit different preferences. You can also get vape juice in different flavors, ranging from sweet flavors such as strawberry, to more traditional flavors such as menthol and plain old tobacco flavor.

Exploding cigarettes

Vape juice features a flavoring agent known as diacetyl. This has been linked to the development of lung cancer as well as popcorn lung. In addition, there have been multiple reported incidents of the e-cigarette lithium-ion batteries exploding. In 2016, a 26-year-old man suffered second and third degree burns resulting from the explosion of his e-cigarette while it was in his pocket. He had to receive multiple skin grafts.

Another incident involving a 34-year-old man resulted in even more serious injuries. The man suffered permanent shoulder and facial scarring after his e-cigarette exploded while he was using it.

There have been several other incidents involving these devices. Some of these incidents have been caught on camera and even televised.

Who is liable?

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of using an e-cigarette, you may be wondering whether you can sue for compensation. This would mean filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturers of the e-cigarettes. This, however, is not as straightforward as it sounds. It is important to talk to a product liability attorney to determine whether you’re eligible to take legal action.

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