David Copperfield Assistant Seriously Injured During Performance


One of illusionist/magician David Copperfield’s assistants was pulled into a rotating industrial fan during the finale performance of the MGM Grand Las Vegas show on Wednesday. The 12-foot high fan and its platform were being rotated by a technician just prior to Copperfield walking through it when the accident occurred. The technician, named Brandon, was pulled into the whirling blades and sustained injuries to his arm and face.

Eyewitness accounts say there was a “thump” and the assistant fell to the floor. The curtain was partially dropped, but blood could be seen all over the area of the stage where the assistant was injured. Other assistants came out to drag the injured person away from the fan and the curtain was dropped completely. Copperfield then came out to notify the audience that the show was cancelled.

Doctors performed surgery and inserted pins and bolts into Brandon’s arm, which was broken in several places. He also required stitches in his face. The crew waited throughout the surgery, and Copperfield was there when Brandon woke up.

While stage injuries like this are rare, and most employees injured on the job are due to construction accidents, occupational accidents can happen anywhere. If you or a loved one is injured on the job, please contact Personal Injury.com to find an experienced occupational injury lawyer in your area.