Dallas Cowboys Staff Injured in Structure Collapse

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Several people were injured Saturday when a practice structure collapsed in strong winds at the Dallas Cowboys practice facility. The special team’s coach suffered a fracture in one of his cervical vertebrae and the assistant athletic trainer suffered fractures to his right tibia and fibula. Both men underwent surgery and were expected to recover. A 33-year-old scouting assistant was paralyzed from his waist down after his spine was severed. No players were injured.

According to witnesses, there were around 70 people inside the tent-like structure, including 27 players who were attending a rookie minicamp, when it collapsed. The National Weather Service believes a microburst may have pushed the wind past 70mph at the top of the structure. A microburst is a column of wind that is similar to tornadoes. The downburst can be extremely powerful.

The three injured men were on the field when the building came down. The roof was 80 feet high and the wind sent the framework and lights crashing to the ground on top of the men.

The $4 million dollar structure was built in 2003 by Summit Structures, LLC. IN 2006, a Pennsylvania court ruled that the company was negligent in construction and design of a building that collapsed after a snowstorm in Philadelphia.