Compensatory and Punitive Damages Awarded Against Virginia Nursing Home


The sister of a 55-year-old mentally disabled man brought a nursing home abuse lawsuit against the owners of a Virginia nursing home after the man was sexually assaulted. The lawsuit was filed because the nursing home failed to provide reasonable care for the man because they hired a man with a criminal record.

The lawsuit stated that the nursing home should not have hired the employee because he would be dealing with weak and incompetent patients and he was unsuitable and untrustworthy for the position. In addition to this, the employee was not appropriately supervised once he was hired, showing reckless disregard for the safety of the nursing home residents.

The Newport News Circuit Court heard the evidence from the nursing home abuse victim’s sister and awarded her $500,000 compensatory damages and $250,000 punitive damages for the injuries suffered by her brother. The man who sexually abused the nursing home resident is facing other criminal charges and will be tried in court in July.

Nursing home abuse is a horrible crime that occurs far more often than it should. If you have a loved one in a nursing home and you suspect they are being abused, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to help you file a nursing home abuse lawsuit.