Coming Soon: Toxic Torts Page


Considering the topic of several recent blogs, especially those on the Mission, Texas pesticide plant, and the Fallon, Nevada leukemia cluster, it might seem odd that the entries never link to a page that would get my readers in touch with toxic tort lawyers. The reason for this is fairly simple: until now didn’t have a toxic tort page. Now I’ve rectified that, and the new page should be coming live in a day or two.

Obviously, I have long been interested in toxic torts for the simple reason that it’s one of the areas that personal injury lawyers really have a chance to make a difference in our lives. Reading the stories about people in communities affected by a suspected toxic tort, there are many things that stand out. First, there is the possible harm caused by the exposure to toxic chemicals. Although Rachel Carson predicted what might happen to us in her landmark book Silent Spring (1962), it is nonetheless striking how much potential for damage there is in the spilling of a deadly chemical into the air or water.

Second, above and beyond the physical damage of the chemicals, there is also the uncertainty of toxic pollution. Even if people can smell or taste the chemicals, they are often unsure what, exactly is going on. Corporations who deal in toxic pollution do their best to foster this uncertainty. The exact content of what is being processed in any given plant is a closely guarded secret, and trade names change often, as do those companies that process and deliver various chemicals. Often, as in the Mission, Texas case, this seems to be a pre-meditated defense strategy, as it makes it harder for plaintiffs to successfully accuse any single polluter of wrongdoing.

Third, there is the fear spread by toxic chemicals. Because of the high degree of latency between contamination and injury, once cases of cancer or mesothelioma begin appearing, the entire community begins to feel threatened. After all, anyone exposed could become sick at any time now. It is heartbreaking to listen to the testimony of people living in a fear of death that breeds uncontrollably within them. This fear of toxic death is well-dramatized in the novel White Noise (1985) by Don Delillo.

Finally, one of the most tragic things about toxic pollution is that it swoops down, predator like, on those least able to defend themselves: the young, the old, the already sick. Especially tragic is the holes left by events like the Fallon, Nevada leukemia cluster, where so many children were killed at very young ages.

As I said,‘s toxic tort page should be up soon, but in the meantime you can find information about pursuing lawsuits for catastrophic injury or wrongful death suits that will also get you in contact with a lawyer who will be able to pursue your toxic tort case.