Causes of Child Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

By Steven Sweat, Los Angeles Injury Lawyer

The thought of losing a child in a highway pedestrian accident is truly the stuff of nightmares for millions of parents all across the world. According to a study that was recently conducted by researchers at Ben-Gurion University (BGU)in Israel, children up to the age of 13 are far more prone to be hit by cars in the course of pedestrian accidents than has previously been realized. 

A New Study Confirms That Children Are At Serious Risk

The study was conducted at the BGU's Virtual Environment Simulation Laboratory, which is currently one of the world's foremost traffic research centers. The purpose of the study was to measure the reactions of pedestrians to various scenarios using virtual reality technology. What the study discovered is nothing short of a serious warning to parents of young children all over the world.

Adults And Children Have Different Reactions To Dangerous Situations

The people used in the study were divided into specific age groups of 7 to 9 years old, 9 to 10 years old, 10 to 13 years old, and those of nonspecific adult age. Each group was exposed to a virtual reality generated simulation involving typical crossing conditions on 18 different streets throughout the nation of Israel.

Once the simulation was up and running, researchers made use of a special eye movement tracking device in order to precisely ascertain the moment that each youth and adult decided that the street in question was safe for them to cross. The point of the study was thus to determine how closely each person's perception of when it was safe or not safe to cross was linked to their individual eye coordination and motor skills.

The eye movements that were tracked by the device were recorded in order to identify specific areas and objects of interest to each participant, as well as any unique reactions that might be caused by the perception of these areas and objects. The result of the study was the confirmation that children aged 7 to 10 had the most difficulty when it came to choosing the safest moment to cross the street. They also had the most difficulty when it came to recognizing hazards posed by parked cars, or by curves in the road ahead that restricted their ability to see traffic that might be coming their way.

Older Children Can Also Be At Risk In Traffic Incidents 

Meanwhile, the study also confirmed that the older children did not achieve significantly better results when it came to their ability to recognize how their safety when crossing the street could be impacted by such factors as the speed of an oncoming vehicle, as well as the accuracy of their field of vision. In short, children under the age of 13 have been proven to be the group of people most at risk when it comes to such vehicle related tragedies.

Hazard Perception Is Slower To Develop In Children

The recently released study thus confirmed the initial theory held by researchers that hazard perception is much slower to develop in children, and that the average child is at serious risk of being involved in a vehicle related accident. This is especially true in the nation of Israel, where automobiles account for 20 percent of all deaths involving children, but it is also true here in the United States, where such tragedies are still all too common. More information concerning this study can be found at

How To Safeguard Your Children From The Risk Of Further Tragedy

If you are the parent of a minor who has been involved in a vehicle related tragedy in the state of California, it's an excellent idea to contact a qualified attorney today. If your young one has suffered grievous injuries due to a collision with a vehicle, or if you have suffered the ultimate tragedy - the loss of your child - it's important that you get justice for them. 

You will also require adequate compensation to cover the expenses incurred by their medical care, funeral costs, and all of the time you have had to take off from your job in order to deal with this terrible situation. For more information concerning how to arrange for a consultation with an attorney in the state of California, please log on to

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