Can Bartenders be held liable in Drunk Driving Crashes?

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Can Bartenders Be Held Liable in Drunk Driving Crashes?

The role of a bartender has been a staple of civilization for thousands of years. For as long as there’s been alcohol, there’s been a person pouring drinks for others. Bartenders can have unique jobs, to say the least. They work long, sometimes intense shifts, serving drinks to patrons, listening to regulars talk about their problems and making sure that their customers don’t get too out of hand. 

Part of the job of a bartender is determining when a customer has had too much to drink. Cutting off a patron comes with the responsibility of being a server. But, unbeknownst to some, bartenders might also be held responsible for the actions of a customer who ends up causing a drunk driving accident. 

Are you a bartender, a patron? Either way, you need to learn more about Dram Shop Laws in Texas.

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