California Girl Killed During Lifeguard Training


In a horrific boating accident, a California junior lifeguard was killed when she was struck by the propeller. Between 20 and 25 people were involved in the lifeguard training that was taking place just beyond the surfline of Huntington Beach, California when the accident occurred.

The California boating accident occurred when the junior lifeguards were practicing “speed drops.” This involves dropping from the rear of the boat into the water to help a swimmer who is in trouble. Reports of the accident say that the girl dropped into the water and was swimming to the large group of lifeguards.

The driver of the boat turned around to get the lifeguards back on board, but failed to see the 11-year-old in the water. The sea was choppy, and the driver didn’t see the girl in time. After the accident occurred, the driver voluntarily took a toxicology test, which showed there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

This tragic boating accident is a grim reminder of what can happen with boats; even in seemingly controlled environments. This is the first death in the 45-year history of the junior lifeguard camp.

During this time of hardship for the family, a personal injury lawyer could help them make arrangements to recover compensation from the people responsible for the girl’s death.

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