California Bus Accident Kills Five French Tourists


At least five French tourists were killed and dozens injured when a tour bus overturned on an overpass on Tuesday afternoon in Soledad, California. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but the bus is the only vehicle involved in the accident. A spokesperson from California Highway Patrol said that four passengers were ejected, and sent one over the side of the road onto railroad tracks 70 feet below.

Three passengers died at the scene and two others died in the hospital. Seven patients were airlifted to hospitals, and four of the injured were under 18-years-old. There were a total of 36 French passengers aboard the bus, a Canadian tour guide, and an American driver. The bus is owned by Orion Pacific, a family owned, luxury charger coach company based out of Orange, California. They have been operating since 1985.

The tour group had been in the US since April 19, and was on their way to Los Angeles to fly back to France. They stopped in Monterey and Carmel before the crash on Tuesday.

On the Pacific Orion website, they say, “We pride ourselves on safety.” While it is obviously early in the investigation, bus accidents involving tour buses have commonly been caused by driver error. Whether it is speed, fatigue, or something else, when a driver is reckless, the end result can be tragic. Mechanical problems are also sometimes a cause of these accidents. Brakes overheat quickly and because they’re so large, the buses do not handle as easily as many other vehicles. If there is a problem, a large bus will have a difficult time slowing down or stopping, especially on terrain with hills.

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