A Boot to the Head Can Make You Even Less Socially Adept


For those of us growing up listening to Dr. Demento, the Frantics’ “Tae Kwan Leep” sketch with its famous line, “A boot to the head,” was a favorite and it was impossible not to play along. Now it turns out that doing so may have only exacerbated the problem that led us to Dr. Demento in the first place. Children who suffer brain injuries are more likely to have behavioral and social problems. Researchers at the Brain Injury Research Centre at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have determined that unidentified brain injuries are often linked to learning disabilities, and what they describe as “social and vocational failure.” This may include simple maladjustment, but it can also lead to substance abuse–such as alcoholism—joblessness, and homelessness. If a child does suffer a brain injury, it is best to have the injuries addressed with therapy, even if the injury does not seem severe.

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