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While running for office, Donald Trump told the American people: "Believe me, I'll change things. And again, we're going to be so respected. I don't want to use the word 'feared,'" he said. Fast forward….

Fear is exactly the emotion Trump has sought to invoke in the media, in Washington politics, and in the American people. Instead of bravely speaking out for ALL Americans, the 45th President of the United States builds walls of separation and is literally and symbolically spewing hate rhetoric. He has singled out various ethnic groups; his criticism has encouraged more hate crimes, more discrimination, and more violence than ever before. His biggest target?  Muslim citizens and Muslim immigrants. In today’s political and legal arenas, we are facing prejudice and bias consistent with the civil rights conflicts of the 50's and 60's.  Trial lawyers can be found in the trenches, at the forefront of these battles for justice, equality, and civil rights. 

The political and social climate in this country troubles me greatly.  We are a melting pot society; all are supposed to be welcome here. While the concept of America is not easy, it should certainly be embraced. In Donald Trump's America, the land of the free is becoming far less so. The president's rhetoric against and treatment of certain ethnic groups has resulted in the rise of hate crimes. And, it has inspired me to write my second Betrayal Legal Thriller Series novel. This second novel, Betrayal of Justice, features the return of Zachary Blake, the trial lawyer who triumphed over a vast cover-up conspiracy by the church in Betrayal of Faith.

Betrayal of Justice is a political thriller pertinent to today’s news and events.  In Washington D.C., America has just elected a new president, whose campaign platform is "Make America Pure Again". Meanwhile, in Dearborn, Michigan, a white supremacist finds an explosive way to honor the POTUS -- he fire bombs a local mosque. Following the bombing, a young Muslim woman takes it upon herself to investigate. But things change in ways she could never have expected when the bomber ends up dead and she is accused of his murder. As the woman is formally charged with the murder, the president decides to test his anti-Muslim immigration policy: he attempts to deport her parents. Who killed the mosque bomber and why? With plenty of incriminating evidence found at the crime scene to convict his client, Zachary must find something, anything, to prove the young woman’s innocence and prevent her parents from being deported.

If you are passionate about justice or love political and courtroom intrigue with compelling and powerful characters, Betrayal of Justice is for you.

Betrayal of Justice, set to be released later this summer. For more information visit

Mark Bello was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been a Michigan attorney for 40 years. He is the CEO of Lawsuit Financial, a pro-justice, non-recourse, lawsuit funding company. Mark is a Certified Civil Mediator, a member of the State Bar of Michigan, a sustaining member of the Michigan Association for Justice, and a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

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