Air Accident Plaintiffs Receive $15 Million Wrongful Death Settlement


A Cook County, Illinois judge awarded the family of a 37-year-old man killed in a plane accident $15 million. The accident occurred in 2006 as the Cessna 421B he was in crashed into a storage yard. All four people aboard the twin-engine plane were killed.

The suit against Morgan Stanley accused the company of acting improperly by allowing employees use personal private planes for business. According to the complaint, Morgan Stanley is the only financial institution that allows this; it is forbidden elsewhere in the industry.

A Morgan senior vice president was piloting the plane when it crashed. He has been accused of negligence. The NTSB investigation reports that it was pilot error. The amateur pilot was unable to maintain airspeed as it was preparing to land at Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, Illinois.

Two other people on the flight include another Morgan Stanley employee and the founder of a romantic destination company. The victim whose family filed the wrongful death suit was part of a Chicago restaurant.

The wife of the victim will reportedly receive $6 million while each of his three sons receives $3 million.

There are many aspects to plane crashes that the families of those killed, or those who survive, must contend with. The best thing you can do is find an attorney with experience in air disasters or wrongful death cases to help you through the legal process.