Accidents Caused By Defective Road Design

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Defective Roadway Claims

Car accidents are caused by a variety of factors. Most accidents result from human error. However, some accidents result from bad road design. Defective road design is not always readily apparent, which is why you should always consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your situation as soon as possible after the incident.

How Poor Rood Design Can Cause Accidents

There are state and federal laws that guide the design, construction and maintenance of roads. These regulations place conditions on companies involved in the construction, design and maintenance of roads. They set out standards for safety as well as quality that these companies must maintain to ensure that roads are safe for their users.

Thousands of motorists fall victim to auto accidents resulting from poorly designed or constructed roads every year. Most people who were harmed by defective roads don’t even realize it. Some of the different ways that defective roads can cause accidents include:

  • Unsafe surfaces

Road surfaces should be skid resistant. They should also have proper drainage to prevent water from pooling and causing hydroplaning. If either of these conditions caused or contributed to your collision, you might have a defective roadway claim.

  • Insufficient shoulder space

Disabled vehicles aren’t able to park safely on the shoulder space of such roads. This makes drivers and passengers in defective vehicles more vulnerable to oncoming traffic. Drivers of vehicles that collide with a disabled vehicle or a pedestrian working on a disabled vehicle are also more vulnerable and not necessarily at fault.

  • Poor lighting

Roads with insufficient or too-bright street lighting provide visibility problems for drivers. Limited vision increases the chances of motorists being involved in a car wreck.

  • Poor design of exit ramps

Merging isn’t an easy task for drivers. It becomes life threatening when the exit ramp is improperly placed or is too short.

  • Insufficient pedestrian and cyclist paths

Fatal accidents are sometimes caused when there isn’t enough room for cyclists or pedestrians to use the side of the road. In some cases, lack of visibility can also contribute to bike and pedestrian accidents.  If a cyclist or pedestrian was injured while on the road, a defective roadway may be part of the reason.

  • Poor construction

The use of substandard material as well as other errors can result in accidents as roads succumb to wear and tear.

Who to hold responsible

Accidents resulting from defective roads can be fatal or result in serious injuries and damage to property. It is only fair that victims seek compensation from the federal, state or local government agencies responsible for road safety.

The responsibility for road safety is shared amongst government agencies and private companies contracted to design, construct and maintain the roads. It is the legal duty of these parties to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained on highways.

It can be difficult to pursue a claim for injuries resulting from accidents caused by defective roads. This is especially true when a government agency is the primary defendant. In most cases, the statute of limitations is extremely short, so you must file your claim very soon after the incident. However, with the assistance of a skilled and experienced lawyer, you can improve your chances of getting compensation. You may also help to improve road conditions and prevent similar accidents. 

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