800,000 Fisher-Price Infant Sleeper Seats Recalled

Personal Injury

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Fisher-Price has announced a recall to inspect approximately 800,000 Rock ‘N Play newborn sleeper seats due to a risk of mold exposure.

If your child was harmed by one of these infant sleeper seats, or if you or a family member was injured by another defective consumer product, a product liability attorney may be able to help you obtain the financial compensation you need to cope with medical costs and other damages. 

Fisher-Price is recalling the Rock ‘N Play infant sleeper seats due to the potential for mold to grow between the removable seat cushion and the plastic frame when the product remains wet or is not regularly cleaned. Mold exposure can lead to respiratory problems and infections, and it can be especially dangerous to infants.

As of Jan. 8, Fisher-Price had received 600 reports of mold developing on Rock ‘N Play sleepers, according to the CPSC Rock ‘N Play recall page. The affected sleeper seats have been sold at mass merchandise retail stores and online since September 2009.

Only Rock ‘N Play seats that develop mold after consumer use are included in the recall. Consumers with infant seats that show signs of mold should stop using them immediately and contact Fisher-Price at www.service.mattel.com for cleaning details and further information.