13-Year-Old Driver Causes Accidents and a Sinkhole

Auto Accident

A 13-year-old girl took her parents Chevrolet Suburban without their permission early Tuesday morning in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She then picked up five of her friends to take them to their junior high school.

Before they go there, the driver rear-ended a 2009 Dodge Journey, but didn’t stop. The driver of the Dodge followed the Suburban east on Airport Road. The Suburban was in the right through lane and the Dodge was in the left turn lane when the teen driver turned left onto another road, hitting the Dodge for a second time. Again the driver did not stop.

After another block, the driver suddenly crossed the left side of the road and struck a fire hydrant. The girl’s friends decided this would be the best place to jump out and run. The damaged fire hydrant caused a water leak that resulted in a 5-foot-by-five-foot sinkhole in the road.

The teen driver was cited for driving without a license, insurance and registration and faces two charges of hit-and-run and three counts of reckless driving. Her five friends were contacted at school later that day.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident with an underage teen driver, please contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area.