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In order for an attorney to address this question, you would have to provide them with details regarding the cruise line’s ticket or any agreement between you and the cruise line. Other information regarding your case would probably be required, such as the details of how and where you were injured (for example: whether the injury occurred before boarding, on the ship, or during a shore excursion).
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The answer really depends on the facts and circumstances. It can be affected by such things as the age of the plaintiff, whether the defendant is a public entity or not, the nature of the theory of relief, and even when it was discovered. Commonly, the applicable statute of limitation for bodily injury caused by a third party’s negligence is two years. You should contact a knowledgeable attorney ASAP to evaluate.
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Workers Compensation
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I am licensed in both SC and NC. An injured worker living there starts receiving weekly checks once they have been written out of work for 7 days. If you are out more than 14 days or 21 days, the employer has to compensate you for the first 7 days. I would suggest you consult with a local attorney in your area for more specific advice in your case. Good luck to you.
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Normally, in California you have a two year Statute of Limitations for bodily injury and three years for personal property.. However, one has to be careful if the accident is with a state or governmental vehicle, in that case you must file a complaint against the local municipality within six months of the accident.
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In New York, you generally have three years from the date that you knew or should have known that you are diagnosed with an asbestos related disease. That date is generally the date of the biopsy. Here is a good video that explains the process -

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Spinal Cord Injury
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If you are due a settlement, I assume that you retained an attorney to assist you with your case. If so, you have a right to an update about your case, and I'd encourage you to communicate with your attorney. All the best!