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News of a catastrophic large commercial jet crash makes it difficult to remember that air travel is the safest way to travel long distances. And while the United States is the safest country to fly in, the sheer number of flights in the U.S. results in more airplane crashes here than in any other country. By far, most airplane accidents involve small, privately owned aircraft, not the large commercial jets that attract such considerable media coverage when one crashes.

Regardless of the type of aircraft involved, it is true that airplane “accidents” can generally be attributed to preventable mechanical and human errors. Following an airplane accident, victims and their loved ones are entitled to know the cause of the accident and to seek compensation from those responsible. The aircraft owner, the pilot, the aircraft’s manufacturer/supplier, the Federal Aviation Administration, the air traffic controllers, the federal government, and chart makers are among those who may be held liable.

Victims on the aircraft and on the ground at the time of the accident and their survivors can all participate as plaintiffs in an airplane accident lawsuit. The plaintiff in a serious aviation injury case can recover for past and future medical expenses associated with the crash, as well as lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A successful airplane accident lawyer must thoroughly understand the myriad of federal acts, treaties, and regulations that comprise aviation law as well as additional applicable state and federal laws.  He or she must have specialized knowledge of the aviation industry, including aircraft design and mechanics. And to develop a probable cause theory to prove negligence or defect in the aircraft also requires research of previous airplane accidents and an understanding of aircraft piloting methods.

The statute of limitations, or the amount of time after the airplane accident by which a victim or survivor must file a case for wrongful death or injury, can be very short. And because the work of a lawyer representing the victims of an airplane accident is so technical and may take time to develop, it is vital that you or your loved ones involved in an airplane crash contact a competent and experienced airplane accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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