"Betrayal of Faith" and "Betrayal of Justice" by Mark Bello

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Zachary Blake was a down-on-his-luck trial lawyer whose career was heading for the garbage dump until...

Jennifer Tracey walked back into his life and brought with her the case that changed everything. Trial lawyer turned author, Mark M. Bello, has given readers a captivating new legal thriller series that features Blake and a sparkling set of strong, vibrant and valiant female protagonists/clients. 

Passionate about fairness in the legal system and annoyed by irresponsible institutional defendants and politicians, Bello has taken “pen to paper” and created a dynamic character who wages two "David v. Goliath" battles, one in the civil justice system and the other in the  criminal justice system. “I had never thought about being a writer,” Mark said; “I was inspired by things that have happened in my life and, most importantly, to real clients who I have had the privilege of representing. The first book is dedicated to the victims who had the courage to come forward, and the many attorneys and clients who have fought their own "David vs. Goliath" battles.”

Betrayal of Faith, the first book in the Zachary Blake 'Betrayal Series', is a novel, to be sure, but it is based upon real clients who had the courage to come forward and wage a monumental legal battle against a powerful institutional defendant. Betrayal of Faith pits Zach Blake and his brave, determined, clients against an organized church in a pivotal case that turns his career around. The novel shines a light on the emotional and legal consequences of clergy sexual abuse from the victims' perspective. When Jennifer Tracey’s sons fall prey to the predatory behavior of their new parish priest, Jennifer is determined to hold the priest and the church accountable. After discovering, then ignoring, the sorry state of Blake's career, Jennifer, a deeply religious woman, makes the difficult decision to file suit against her own church in an effort to obtain justice for her abused children. Standing in her way? The Coalition, a secret, obstructionist, quasi-church organization that will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from emerging. The cover-up is almost as evil as the crime and faith, itself, is a victim in Michigan's trial of the century. Will Blake resurrect his career and obtain justice for Jennifer, or will the Church, the Coalition and its mysterious leader prevail, as they have in the past?

“I tried to weave and blend truth and the most interesting parts of the actual cases I handled into dynamic elements of the story. The Coalition, while implausible, describes what it felt like to a young sole practitioner when he decides to battle an institutional defendant and a silk-stocking, top-ranked, law firm,” said Bello. "In the real world, institutional and corporate defendants will readily commit serious social injustices against individual citizens, simply because they have the means and the power to wear down those citizens in court. And the only person standing between them and success is a brave and determined trial lawyer. The victims are assaulted a second time by defendants that will, quite easily, ignore, dismiss, or cover up events in an effort to thwart justice. Only the trial lawyer and, if necessary, the jury, stand in their way,” explained Bello.

These types of "David v. Goliath" stories may be present in the political arena and the criminal justice system, as well. This is the focus of Bello's second Zachary Blake 'Betrayal Series' novel, Betrayal of Justice, set to be released later this summer. In a "ripped-from-the -headlines" novel, Zachary Blake finds himself at the center of a national and controversial murder case, the negative effects of government-incited bigotry, and domestic terrorism. The Nation has elected a new president who promises "Make America Pure Again", to crack down on immigration, and to end “the Muslim scourge”. The president's bigoted inauguration speech spurs a Dearborn, Michigan white supremacist to fire bomb a local mosque. When the white supremacist is later found murdered, all evidence points to Ayra Khan, a young Muslim woman who privately investigated the bombing. Arya is formally charged with murder and Zachary Blake is retained to represent her, but the deck is stacked against him. Not only was Arya caught hovering over the body with the murder weapon, but the real perpetrators, a white supremacist group that shuns the publicity created by the bombing, is maneuvering and manipulating to cover-up its involvement in the murder. Zachary must wage another epic legal battle to find something, anything, to prove Ayra’s innocence. But, can a Muslim woman find justice in this new, 'pure' America, an America that has lost its way?

"The last election and the current political and social consequences of that election have had a profound effect on me.  While I respect the presidency and the office of president, I find that the current president's abusive rhetoric and bluster directed at American citizens, particularly innocent Muslim immigrants, runs contrary to the very essence of who the president and what the presidency is supposed to be," said Bello. "The president represents all of us, not just those who voted for him.  He is the president of all races, creeds and religions in this country, the president of gay, straight, male or female. A president doesn't get to pick and choose the Americans he wishes to represent; he applied for a job and 'we the people' hired him. I would like to see him rise to the occasion and cease his divisive, un-American behavior. Betrayal of Justice is a novel that depicts a particularly horrendous (but possible) outcome of one fictional president's behavior. Are the consequences depicted in the novel logical or illogical?  Or does logic simply depend upon your political point of view?"

Mark M. Bello commingles justice with contemporary legal, religious, political and social issues in this engaging new legal thriller series. With dynamic and captivating characters and plot lines, legal or political enthusiasts and anyone who cares about justice in America will enjoy the experience of reading the Zachary Blake Legal Thrillers. These novels are available at markmbello or through all online booksellers. "Get Betrayed".

Mark Bello was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been a Michigan attorney for 40 years. He is the CEO of Lawsuit Financial, a pro-justice, non-recourse, lawsuit funding company. Mark is a Certified Civil Mediator, a member of the State Bar of Michigan, a sustaining member of the Michigan Association for Justice, and a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

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