FDA Panel Finds Few Reasons to Continue Using Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants


A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel announced that its members found few reasons to for physicians to continue using metal hip implants, especially amid increasing evidence that shows the devices can wear down prematurely and expose patients to health complications.

Although the 18-member FDA panel did not suggest that metal-on-metal hip implants be removed from the marketplace, most members of the panel indicated there were few cases in which they would recommend the devices. The panel was convened to review mounting evidence that indicates the hip implants can break down and expose patients to potentially dangerous metal particles from cobalt and chromium.

Additionally, the FDA has received nearly 17,000 complaints of problems with the implants, and many of the defective medical devices have required invasive replacement surgery. Reports of pain and inflammation by patients are thought to be caused by metal particles produced by normal wear that then seep into the hip joint and damage tissue and bone.

There are also concerns that elevated levels of metal in the bloodstream may lead to heart conditions and neurological problems.

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