Man Describes Car Accident, Becomes Internet Star


A car accident occurring in Phoenix, Arizona last week has been garnering considerably more media attention throughout the country than would normally be expected for a routine car accident. However, this attention is not due to the catastrophic nature of the incident. On the contrary, both drivers involved in the car accident escaped without serious injuries.

Instead, the news video of the interview with the non-negligent driver has been responsible for the buzz created by this incident. The man delivered an animated play-by-play of the entire event which can only be compared to the mastery of a John Madden football commentary. It’s just unfortunate that the man didn’t have a telestrator to augment his analysis.

The 2 minute video is certainly worth the watch. At one point, the man becomes so animated that his straw hat fell off his head. His play-by-play is filled with an abundant supply of “BAM!”s and “BOOM!”s. It would truly make Madden proud. His account of the car accident is also filled with a variety of sound effects and colorful facial expressions which can only be described as priceless.

He also delivered some classic sound bite lines. My favorite was, “Reality hits you hard, bro.” That one sounds destined to make its way onto a t-shirt one day. At the time of the interview, the other driver was still trapped in his vehicle underneath a power line. When the interviewer asked the man what he thought would happen, the response was, “Well, they’re going to shut the power line, get the guy out of there, hopefully get his insurance card so I can get my vehicle fixed.” Clearly he was more concerned with the state of his car than with the health and safety of the other driver. For his sake, I hope he hadn’t been rear-ended by an uninsured motorist.