Cargill Announces Second Ground Turkey Recall


Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. has announced their second recall of ground turkey products in the last six weeks. Like the first product recall, this one is due to salmonella contamination. The latest recall covers approximately 185,000 pounds of ground turkey meat produced at Cargill’s Springdale, Arkansas plant on August 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st.

Currently, there have been no illnesses reported in association with the second batch of contaminated ground turkey. The first recall had been linked to 111 reports of salmonella poisoning and one death across 31 states. It was one of the largest recalls in history, involving 36 million pounds of ground turkey produced between February 20th and August 2nd. Cargill was able to successfully retrieve about 2 million pounds from the first product recall.

After the first recall had been initiated, Cargill suspended production at the processing plant for eight days in order to implement stricter production standards. This included adding antibacterial washes to the production process and instituting a more aggressive sampling and monitoring program.

However, when federal health officials sampled Cargill’s ground turkey product on August 24th, they still detected the presence of the salmonella bacteria that had made people ill during the first wave of contaminated turkey. When investigators sampled the product again a week later, the salmonella bacteria was once again present.

Cargill officials are currently examining every aspect of the supply chain, all the way back to the bird farms, to detect the source of the contamination. Since they are still unable to locate the source of the contamination, it is possible that similar recalls could be initiated down the road.

If you have suffered salmonella poisoning from this contaminated ground turkey, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. An experienced product liability lawyer in your area can review your claim and advise you on the best way to proceed.