Fort Collins, CO Named Safest Driving City for 2nd Year in a Row


Allstate Insurance Company recently released its seventh annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” which ranks America’s 200 largest cities regarding driver safety. The metric for this report is the frequency of car accidents occurring in each city.

For the second year in a row, Fort Collins, CO was ranked first among driver safety. According to the report, the average Fort Collins driver will be involved in a car accident once every 14 years, which is 28.6% less frequent than the national average of once every 10 years.

The Allstate report analyzes claim data for their insured drivers to determine the likelihood a driver will be involved in a car accident compared with the national average. The insurance company examined internal property damage reports over a two year period to ensure greater accuracy. Allstate insures approximately 10% of all drivers in the United States.

The other cities in the top 10 include:

  • Boise, ID
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Springfield, MO
  • Reno, NV
  • Eugene, OR
  • Chattanooga, TN

According to the report, drivers in cities with a population of one million or more are more likely to be involved in a car accident than the national average. This makes sense considering that these cities possess a larger number of vehicles on the road each day, and driving conditions are often more fast-paced and chaotic. Phoenix, AZ was named the safest driving city with a population over 1 million for the seventh year in a row. The other big cities with good safe driving records include:

  • San Diego
  • San Antonio
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia

While car accidents have been on the decline in recent years, the NHTSA reports that there are still more than 32,000 car accident fatalities a year. The majority of these accidents are caused by driver errors. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. An experienced car accident lawyer in your area can help ensure your rights are fully protected after your accident.