Woman Causes Car Accident by ‘Flipping the Bird’ to another Driver


There are so many ways a driver distraction can lead to a car accident. While talking on cell phones, adjusting iPods, eating, and attending to rambunctious children may top the list of most common driver distractions, one woman in Washington proved that there are truly no limits to the unusual ways to lose focus on the road. She also demonstrated why you should always keep both hands on the wheel.

The 23-year-old woman lost control of her 2004 Ford Taurus while “flipping the bird” to another driver traveling in a Subaru Outback in the lane next to her. This display of anger was prompted by the Subaru Outback failing to let the woman get over to the right lane.

Unfortunately, as she gave the driver of the Outback the finger, she lost control of her Taurus and hit the back end of the Subaru. The Subaru veered off the road and flipped over. The driver of the Taurus ended up in a ditch after the car accident.

Three people were taken to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. The woman in the Taurus may be charged with reckless driving, and she will most likely face a car accident claim from the woman in the Subaru.

The moral of the story: road rage is never productive. Just take a deep breath and keep on driving. You may avert an unnecessary car accident by channeling your inner Zen.