Man Injured on Harry Potter Ride, May Lose Eyesight


A trip to Universal Theme Park in Orlando, Florida turned into a disaster for a man vacationing from Puerto Rico last Sunday. While riding the Harry Potter “Dragon Challenge” roller coaster, he was injured in the eye. It is possible that he will lose his eyesight due to the theme park accident.

Carlos Montalvo and his wife were in the front row of the roller coaster. While nearing the point where two of the roller coasters approach each other, he was hit in the right eye with an unknown object. He experienced severe pain throughout the rest of the ride due to the injury.

Montalvo is still in the hospital receiving treatment for his damaged eye. He already had vision problems in his left eye, and this theme park accident might have potentially robbed him of vision in his one good eye, leaving him blind.

The Harry Potter roller coaster was shut down for the rest of the day on Sunday and Monday morning for inspection. It reopened to the public at 1:30 on Monday after theme park crews were unable to find anything wrong with the ride. It is still uncertain what happened during this theme park accident, and no one has been able to identify the object which hit Montalvo in the eye.

According to Universal, this is the first incident of its kind occurring on the Harry Potter ride since it opened under a different name in 1999.