Girl Dies in Tragic Water Park Accident


On Friday, June 3rd, a charter school community in Wildwood, New Jersey suffered the loss of one of its outstanding students who fell off a Ferris wheel during a school outing and died.

Only 11 years old, the girl was visiting Morey’s Pier amusement park with her classmates, participating in Morey’s “17th Annual Education Extravaganza.” This was a special event held by the Pier where kids could play on the rides and engage in, according to Morey’s website, “hands on learning and interactive participation.”

At around 12:30, the girl was riding by herself in the middle seat of a Ferris wheel cart. While the ride was in motion, she fell from the top half of the 156 foot wheel—one of the tallest on the East Coast—and landed on the passenger loading area. There is no evidence that she jumped or was pushed; bystanders say she appeared to have passed out before she fell.

Rescuers performed CPR on the girl for several minutes without results, and then flew her by helicopter to Cape Regional Medical Center where she died.

Morey’s Pier is still investigating the cause of this tragic water park accident. They say it is not likely to be a mechanical problem, since the Ferris wheel underwent an inspection on March 17th of this year and passed. In the meantime, Morey’s has temporarily closed all three of its amusement piers out of respect for the girl’s family.

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries at an amusement or water park, it is important that you work with an experienced attorney who can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.