Nancy Kerrigan Involved in Car Accident


Former Olympic figure skating star Nancy Kerrigan was recently involved in a car accident with a minivan. Fortunately, no one seems to have been injured in the accident.

Nancy lost control of her Chevy Tahoe and nearly crashed into an oncoming minivan when one of her tires flew off the vehicle. The tire just missed shattering the windshield of the minivan and tore a hole through the driver’s side bumper. A mother and her two children were in the minivan and were all wearing their seatbelts.

Kerrigan had a flat tire fixed the day before, and it appears the mechanic failed to properly secure the tire to the wheel. According to a police officer at the scene, the lug nuts did not seem to be fastened to the vehicle correctly.  Kerrigan was on her way to get the tire fixed properly at the time of the car accident.

According to the police report, Kerrigan was not found to be at fault for the car accident despite the fact that her tire flew off her vehicle. Since the tire fell off due to the mechanic’s poor repair job, the accident is being considered the fault of the mechanic.

This appears to be a rare instance when neither driver was deemed at fault for the car accident. Had Kerrigan or the family in the minivan sustained any injuries, the ensuing car accident claim would most likely have sought damages from the negligent mechanic.