Hospital Accident Likely to Prove Fatal for Indiana Man


A 74-year-old man from Indianapolis is not expected to survive a freak accident while recovering from heart surgery in the hospital. While in the intensive care unit of St. Francis Health’s Heart Center, he was struck on the head by a wall-mounted IV pole that fell. Due to the accident, he suffered an intracranial hemorrhage that will most likely prove fatal. Prior to the accident, he was expected to make a full recovery.

The hospital is conducting an investigation into the cause of this tragic accident and plans to transfer all monitors from wall-mounted IV poles to floor-based IV poles as soon as possible. While this action will prevent similar accidents in the future, it will not do anything to save this man’s life. His family is in the process of hiring a wrongful death attorney.

Hospitals have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for their patients. When a hospital’s negligent maintenance of the facility results in injury or death to a patient, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation through a premises liability claim. It is important to work with an attorney who has extensive experience handling these complex cases to ensure a successful outcome to your claim.