Chinese Drywall Manufacturer Pays for First Renovation


Knauf Plasterboard of Tianjin, one of the manufacturers of the defective Chinese drywall installed across the United States several years ago, has recently gutted a Florida home and replaced the defective drywall at its own expense. It is the first time any manufacturer of defective Chinese drywall has made such a gesture.

This effort is part of a pilot program involving 300 houses in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana that will be renovated to replace the defective drywall which has caused foul odors, corroded wiring, and massive property damage to many homes across the country. The Chinese drywall was installed between 2004 and 2006 during the housing boom. Over the past year or two, many homeowners have begun to experience serious problems associated with the defective drywall.

Several manufacturers of the Chinese drywall are facing numerous product liability lawsuits form homeowners seeking compensation for damages caused to their homes by the material. Unfortunately, since many of these companies are based in China, it has been difficult to get them to comply with legal judgments against them.

While this pilot program is an important step towards rectifying a tragic situation devastating the southeast region of the United States, there are still thousands of homeowners who are waiting to have the issues with their homes addressed.