Another Toyota Recall


Toyota has initiated yet another recall. This time, they have recalled approximately 2,500 defective autos due to issues which may result in an oil leak. All the vehicles covered under this recall are Lexus IS250 models built and sold between September 3, 2007 and December 3, 2008. All of the defective autos were sold in Korea.

The problem with these Lexus vehicles has been caused by a defective sensor associated with the fuel pipe that has been shown to cause oil leaks.

This new product recall follows three massive recalls from Toyota since 2009. The previous recalls encompassed roughly 10 million vehicles and were due to issues related to sudden unintended acceleration and defective anti-lock brakes.

Toyota has been struggling with the impact these recalls have had on their safety reputation. This new recall will certainly not help them repair their image.

Auto manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that their vehicles adhere to certain safety standards. When they fail to take the proper steps to produce safe vehicles, they can be held liable for any car accident injuries caused by these defective vehicles. An experienced defective auto attorney can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.