Car Accident Injures 3 Teens Sledding in Street


Three high school students from Michigan were injured in a car accident Tuesday night. They were sledding in the street at the time of the accident.

The students were initially sledding at a nearby park, but the park closed when it got dark out. Instead of going home, the teens took their sleds to the street to continue their evening’s activity. Shortly thereafter, a Jeep drove up behind them. He was unable to stop in time, and ran over the three teenagers.

All three are currently in the hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. There were two girls and one boy involved in the accident. The driver of the jeep was also a student at the same high school as the injured teens. Police did not cite the driver of the jeep since he was not at fault for the accident.

Due to the seriousness of car accident injuries, it is important to be careful when playing in the street. Sledding down a local street after dark is an easy way to sustain life-threatening injuries. In this situation, the driver was not at fault and therefore would most likely not be held liable for damages suffered by the injured teens.